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What technical points need to be mastered for the installation of waterproof micro switch

 Tuesday, 13 July 2021  Back List

Since the waterproof micro switch has become more and more advanced in design, the application scenarios for installation and use have continued to increase. There are many technical points that need to be mastered in the process of installation and use, so that abnormal phenomena will not occur during debugging. Especially the switch control will be more accurate and reliable. Next, the WEIPENG will introduce to you what technical points should be mastered during the installation of the waterproof micro switch:

Key point 1: When tightening the waterproof micro switch, you need to choose stainless steel screws, which are durable, rust-proof and reliable, and you need to use washers to cooperate to achieve a more tightening effect. Therefore, in the installation of waterproof micro switch, it is necessary to master the technical key points of fastening, so that it can be firmer and safer, and the service life will be longer and longer. Then, strictly check the details of installation and fastening to ensure that there will be no looseness during use.
Point 2: Before installing the waterproof micro switch, determine the precise position, so that the installation is more consistent and beautiful, and the operation and use process will be more and more accurate and safe. Then, after the safety and stability continue to improve, it can be seen that the technical requirements for installation will continue to increase, reaching the technologically leading level. It can be seen that this must be controlled in terms of installation accuracy.

Point 3: The waterproof micro switch in the free state cannot be directly applied with pressure during installation, otherwise it will cause damage. Of course, if the waterproof micro switch is installed and used, it will even have a direct impact on the accuracy of its control. Then, in the installation process, such technical points should be mastered in all directions.
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