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Aint-Dumping switch in electrical equipment plays a protective role, but also to avoid accidents. In the past winter, there are always a lot of news about accidents such as fires caused by improper use of electric fans. Part of the problem is that the fan continues to work when it falls, trapping the heat that can damage appliances or ignite combustibles. This is not the case with electric fans with Anti-Dumping switches.

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Since the waterproof micro switch has become more and more advanced in design, the application scenarios for installation and use have continued to increase. There are many technical points that need to be mastered in the process of installation and use, so that abnormal phenomena will not occur during debugging. Especially the switch control will be more accurate and reliable. Next, the WEIPENG will introduce to you what technical points should be mastered during the installation of the waterproof micro switch:

Key point 1: When tightening the waterproof micro switch, you need to choose stainless steel screws, which are durable, rust-proof and reliable, and you need to use washers to cooperate to achieve a more tightening effect. Therefore, in the installation of waterproof micro switch, it is necessary to master the technical key points of fastening, so that it can be firmer and safer, and the service life will be longer and longer. Then, strictly check the details of installation and fastening to ensure that there will be no looseness during use.
Point 2: Before installing the waterproof micro switch, determine the precise position, so that the installation is more consistent and beautiful, and the operation and use process will be more and more accurate and safe. Then, after the safety and stability continue to improve, it can be seen that the technical requirements for installation will continue to increase, reaching the technologically leading level. It can be seen that this must be controlled in terms of installation accuracy.

Point 3: The waterproof micro switch in the free state cannot be directly applied with pressure during installation, otherwise it will cause damage. Of course, if the waterproof micro switch is installed and used, it will even have a direct impact on the accuracy of its control. Then, in the installation process, such technical points should be mastered in all directions.
Yueqing Tongda Cable Power Plant was founded in 1990, focusing on the R&D, production and sales of electronic switch products such as micro switches and shift switches. Products are mainly used in household appliances, office equipment, medical treatment, machinery, personal care, automotive electronics, industrial control and other fields.
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The waterproof micro switch is a quick change-over switch actuated by pressure. The waterproof micro switch is covered by a shell and has a drive rod outside. Because the contact distance of the switch is relatively small, it is called a micro switch. This time, Tongda Electronics introduced the key points of using waterproof micro switches (FSK-14 series, FSK-18 series, FSK-20 series).

1. The waterproof micro switch cannot be repeatedly operated by applying gravity. If the handle button has been pressed and further pressurized, the excessive load weight may cause deformation of the reed (shrapnel) of the waterproof micro switch and cause malfunction.
2. In particular, if an excessive load is applied to the horizontal pressure type, the riveting part will be damaged, which will cause damage to the waterproof micro switch. Therefore, when installing and operating the waterproof micro switch, please be careful not to add a load higher than the excessive load (29.4N, 1 minute, 1 time).
3. Please set the waterproof micro switch according to the direction that the handle can move in the vertical direction. Pressing only one side of the handle or operating diagonally may result in reduced durability.
4. The waterproof micro switch is dusty. Because it is a switch without a sealed structure, please do not use the waterproof micro switch in dusty places.
Yueqing Tongda Cable Power Plant focuses on the production and sales of micro switches, waterproof micro switches, rocker switches, push button switches and custom switches. Welcome to consult and cooperate!

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Working principle: A micro switch is a quick switch actuated by pressure, also called a snap switch.
External mechanical force acts on the action reed through transmission elements (press pins, buttons, levers, rollers, etc.), and after accumulating energy to a critical point, it produces instantaneous action, making the moving contact at the end of the action reed and fixed contact Click to quickly turn on or off.
When the force on the transmission element is removed, the action reed produces a reverse action force. When the reverse stroke of the transmission element reaches the critical point of the action of the reed, the reverse action is instantaneously completed.
The contact distance of the micro switch is small, the action stroke is short, the pressing force is small, and the on-off is rapid.
The speed of the moving contact has nothing to do with the speed of the transmission element. The micro switch is based on the pin type, and can be derived from the button short stroke type, button large stroke type, button extra large stroke type, roller button type, reed roller type, lever roller type, short boom type, and long boom type. and many more.
Purpose: Micro switches are used in electronic equipment and other equipment for automatic control and safety protection devices that require frequent circuit switching.
Micro switches are divided into large, medium, and small. According to different needs, they can be divided into waterproof type (used in liquid environment) and ordinary type. The switch connects two lines to provide power on and off control for electrical appliances and machines. Widely used in household appliances, industrial machinery, new energy vehicle charging guns, communication equipment, military products, testing instruments, gas water heaters, floating ball equipment, medical equipment, building automation, power tools and general electrical and radio equipment, 24-hour timing Micro switches are small, but they play an irreplaceable role.
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October 10, 2020, Yueqing Tongda Wire Electric Factory celebrate its 30th anniversary. This is a proud day for all Tongda people.
Since our establishment in 1990, Yueqing Tongda has been focus on the development and production of WEIPENG micro switches, waterproof micro switches, rocker switches, push button switches, magnetic switches and custom switches. We always believed that only when we are careful operators now that can assured consumers in the future. For celebrate Tongda’s birthday, we organized many activities in the factory, such as: ①the blossoming of peach blossoms, ②crossing the river by touching the stones, ③eating "snakes", ④carrying paper cups with balloons, ⑤grabbing water bottles, ⑥tug-of-war and so on. All employees and management participated actively and bravely, and the atmosphere on site was very warm.

At noon, we held a celebration lunch. At the luncheon, Chairman Chen delivered a speech. We held an award ceremony for old employees. Among them, there are 15 employees who have worked in the factory for more than 20 years, 14 employees for more than 15 years, and a total of 38 employees for more than 10 years. These are the most precious wealth of our company. The cornerstone of our success! Finally, the luncheon ended happily in the talent show and lottery activities of various departments.

Today, we would like to thank all customers and suppliers. It is because of your care and help that Tongda has achieved today's results; thanks to all the colleagues who have worked in Tongda, because of your hard work, there is a company Today's results. May our Yueqing Tongda wire electric factory have a better future!

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The micro switch is one of many switches. It's just that the contact distance of the switch is relatively small, so it is named "micro switch".
So what types of switches are there? What matters should be paid attention to when using?
There are many types of micro switches, and there are hundreds of internal structures. The classification of micro switches is analyzed in detail. The details are as follows:
1. According to the volume, there are ordinary, small and ultra-small;
2. According to the breaking type, there are single type, double type and multi-connection type;
3. According to the protection performance, there are waterproof type, dustproof type and explosion-proof type;
4. According to the breaking capacity, normally open, normally closed, and normally open and normally closed conversion type;
5. According to the use environment, there are ordinary type, high temperature resistant type, super high temperature resistant ceramic type;
The basic type of the micro switch is generally without auxiliary pressing attachment, and the small stroke type and the large stroke type are derived. Different auxiliary pressing accessories can be added according to needs, such as flat pressing rods, roller pressing rods, and special-shaped pressing rods. To meet the needs of our customers, our company can customize them according to customer needs.
Tongda WEIPENG micro switch classification
a. Common type: HK-14 series switch
The general size is: length 27.8mm, width 10.3mm, height 15.9mm, current parameters are 5A, 10A, 16A, 21A and other specifications;
b. Small size: HK-04G series switch, HK-04G-L series switch
The size of this type is: 19.8mm in length, 6.4mm in width, and 10.7mm in height. There are tension spring structure and reed structure in structure. The advantage of tension spring structure is high life, and the advantage of reed structure is higher sensitivity.
c. Waterproof micro switch: FSK-14 series, FSK-51 series, FSK-18 series, FSK-20 series, etc.;
Precautions for using Tongda WEIPENG micro switch
1. Please select the appropriate type of switch according to the requirements of rated current, operating load, drive rod type, operating temperature and other requirements;
2. Please choose a sealed switch in an environment with high humidity, impurities and dust.
3. Please do not add oil to the button and drive parts, otherwise it may cause abnormal switch function or even burn. When in use, force should be applied in the vertical direction corresponding to the button.
4. Please install the switch on a flat surface and fasten it with flat washers or spring washers. If the mounting surface is uneven, it will cause the switch to fail or be damaged. If using screws for fixing, place small screws on a smooth surface with a torque of 0.098N•m or less. In addition, in order to prevent the screws from loosening, it is best to use washers under the screws.
5. Switch storage environment: The product should be stored in a warehouse where there is no rain and snow, air circulation, drying temperature of 0 ℃ ~ 55 ℃, no harmful media, the number of stacked layers is not more than 5, and sealed storage. Switch application range: Widely used in various household appliances, medical equipment, military industry, electronic equipment, automation equipment, communication equipment, automotive electronics, power tools and other fields.
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